PSST...Have you heard what they say about Barbara?

Barbara is gentle and also resilient. The projects she undertakes flourish through her willingness to see them through.

- Andre Pilon

Think positive - that's Barbara! You'll have to go far to find someone as upbeat as Barbara. In the two years I've known her, she's proven to be a wonderful team player with excellent copywriting skills.


Her copywriting skills include meeting deadlines and superior research skills. She's a master storyteller and tells stories in different characters. She also loves to learn about new things.

Attitude, skills and willingness to give each job her all, I would definitely recommend Barbara for any copywriting job you have.

- Pam Shannon

I’ve worked with Barbara for just under a year now in a consulting and career building project. During this time I’ve seen skill growth in her ability to step up to a lead role.


I was impressed with her ability to draw insight from group meetings and apply them to her individual copywriting projects and target dates.


She has been an example of team commitment and project loyalty. She comes prepared to move the project forward and gives 100% of herself. Her humble and easy-going personality is refreshing and makes her a joy to work with.

- Brad Dunse

There’s a huge heart full of life behind Barbara’s quiet persona. Barbara is a deep thinker and passionate about writing.

She has shown her enthusiasm in exploring ways to use her expertise to help elevate pet care businesses to the next level.

I admire Barbara’s realism and practical approach. She is not the one to weave a whipped up promise to impress you. 

I absolutely recommend hiring Barbara if you’re looking for someone who gives her hundred percent to the job at hand.

- Balaka Ghosal

I have worked with Barbara for almost a year now, and that time has been a privilege.


Her good humor, attitude, and willingness to help any who need it are rare these days. Barbara’s attention to detail and relentless research skills come fully into play on a project.


Her ability to connect to the audience through great storytelling is an asset those who seek it would be amiss to ignore. Her dedication to projects drives her to give it all she has until it is completed on deadline, every time. 


- Ron Fowler

Barbara has been a dream to work with over the past year in our consultancy roles.


Her research has been impeccable, and her work has always come in on time and budget. I don’t think I’ve ever worked with anyone so dedicated to pleasing our clients.


If you hire Barbara you will not regret it, she is a happy and positive member of the crew whilst encouraging others with her suggestions. She is thoughtful and creative with her storylines. A boon for any workplace.

- Brian Taylor