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Is Your Pup Like Kevin McAllister When Left Home Alone?

We all love watching the classic movie “Home Alone” during the holidays. The antics of Kevin accidentally left home alone to fend for himself keeps us all in stitches…

There’s the unforgettable scene where Kevin tries shaving, then slaps aftershave on his face! Who can forget that expression! And don’t forget all the pranks he uses to keep the bad guys away – the ice-covered steps, the red hot door knob, and the iron to the face – classic slapstick.

Kevin never seems to run out of tricks to protect his domain.

And speaking of tricks…

When your pets are left home alone all day, do you wonder what they’re up to? When it comes to Buddy or Bella, anything is paws-ible.

Of course, Buddy can’t heat up the door knob or spray water on the steps in the winter to make them freeze.

Why? Because he has no thumbs! But he can certainly find other ways to get into trouble.

And how about Bella? Is she an angel while you’re away? Or a member of the local chapter of “Dogs Gone Wild”?

Let’s face it. We all want to know what Buddy and Bella are up to when left home alone. And now we can keep track of our precious pup’s every move with a pet camera…

Imagine your sweet pooch lying in the sun or lounging in his favorite chair. You press the app on your phone to turn on the camera and actually catch him running rampant through the house, tormenting the cat, barking at the mailman – the normal ruff-housing your pup likes to do.

You will never miss a moment of your dog’s antics while you’re away. But not only can you watch your canine from a-fur – you can also:

  • Turn on the laser pointer and laugh as he chases his tail

  • Launch a treat and watch him show off his wide-retriever skills

  • Talk to him through a speaker. Sit. Stay. Rollover.

Who wouldn’t love spending more virtual reality time with their four-legged friends?

Your pet will look forward to their “camera time” with you – not only for the treats and playtime – but the pleasure it gives them to hear your voice.

And unlike Kevin, left home alone to fend for himself, your pet will be calmer and more relaxed knowing you are there…even if it’s only through cyberspace.

So now when you come home and the rug is out of place, or the toilet paper is dragged throughout the house, you’ll know exactly how it got there. And if you have more than one pet, you know who the guilty one is. The cat! It’s always the cat.

Here’s to virtual playtime with your furry friends…

Don’t let your pets spend one more day “Home Alone” …

The pleasure you get from spending virtual time with them is priceless. So, give your dogs a round of ap-paws…

For not running rampant through the house, tormenting the cat, or barking at the mailman.

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