About Barbara Charles

Professional Copywriter for the Pet Industry

My Personal Story



I grew up in a rather large family. I was the fifth of six children. We didn’t have a lot back then, but what we did have was camaraderie – my parents made sure of that.

We played softball in the back yard. Waded in the nearby creek. Slid down the hill on sleds in the winter. Rode our bikes on the backroads.

And we did all this with our constant companion keeping up with us every step of the way.

Our dog, Rusty, followed us everywhere we went. He even sat outside waiting for the school bus to pick us up in the morning and drop us off in the afternoon.

When I went off to college, Rusty was the first to greet me when I came home between semesters. He licked my face and danced around the room until he was certain I was really home.

I surely loved that dog – and he surely loved me.

Because of Rusty I have a love of pets that has buried itself deep inside me (much like a dog buries a bone). This love follows me through life just like Rusty used to do.

Over 16 Years of

Pet Care Experience

My Writing: 

I have loved writing ever since I can remember. As a teen, I would stay in my room for hours on end writing about everything and nothing.

I didn’t consider myself a writer even though I always volunteered to write information booklets and various assignments when I worked for my previous employer.

But writing was in my blood and I had to find a way to make this my life’s work.

My Copywriting: 

I never realized I could have a future in writing until I learned about copywriting – helping business owners say on paper what they feel in their hearts.


I find copywriting stimulating and motivating in many ways. I believe that my affection for pets has manifested itself in my love for writing. That love flows like a rushing river onto paper.


As a result, I am able to write with enthusiasm and zeal for those who take care of our pets on a professional level.

My Passion for Pets: 

My childhood was filled with great memories of my first dog, Rusty. Since then I have made room in my heart and home for many other dogs through the years. Currently, I have two fur babies that are my world.

I focus my love for animals through working with local professional pet sitters for over 16 years.

I have had the privilege of meeting and building lasting relationships with many pets, pet owners, and pet professionals.

Through my writing business I have combined my love for pets with my love for writing.


This is the foundation of Barbara Charles Writing.

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